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J.R. Bourland Tree Service is a licensed and bonded contractor, proudly serving Mississippi's Golden Triangle for 35 years. We can remove fallen trees, grind stumps, prune, and trim trees. Learn more about what we offer:

During storm situations, we provide emergency service whenever you need it. We will remove trees and limbs that could be potentially hazardous as well as trees that have already collapsed. We offer routine maintenance such as cutting down long, cumbersome limbs over your home. We also can prune or shape your trees to raise curb appeal and property value.

Tree Care Tips:
Trees, especially those that are more established, may not seem to require much attention. However, any tree, regardless of age, isn’t completely maintenance free. Keep these simple steps in mind so your trees remain healthy throughout the year:

  • Clean Up: Start each growing season off with a little spring cleaning, for your trees. Remove holiday lights. Allowing strands of lights to remain wrapped around the trunks of tree, especially young trees, increases the risk of girdling growth. Remove debris that collects underneath trees, such as small twigs, or leaves. This reduces the risk to fungal infections, such as deplodia in pine trees and apple scab on crab apple trees.
  • Mulch: Mulching helps the soil retain moisture and suppresses weeds. This is especially important for younger trees, but it’s still a good practice for older, more established trees as well. However, avoid piling mulch against the trunk base. This could promote diseases such as canker.
  • Water: Even during cooler weather, trees may be susceptible to becoming dry, especially if you have sandy soil. If you have a sprinkler system, make sure the sprinkler heads are properly adjusted to prevent puddling and water from spraying directly onto foliage. Dogwood’s, for example, can develop mildew if their leaves are continuously wet.
  • Prune: Pruning is ideally done during winter, while trees are dormant. However, early spring is still a great time to have dead, weak, or broken branches removed.
  • Inspect: Periodically inspect your trees for signs of damage or weakness. Noticing signs of weakness or disease early can help prevent further damage from spreading throughout the tree.
  • Pests & Diseases: Check with the Lowndes County Extension Office to see which pests and diseases may pose serious risk to your trees, and how to recognize the signs associated with particular infestations.

Having your trees professionally maintained or removed is a great decision to help protect your landscape investment. With our experienced tree service, you can rest assured knowing that the job will be handled properly. When cutting down and removing trees, we will be mindful of your property, and our tree trimming service will help maintain your landscape's attractiveness.

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